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Which Bathing Suit Is Right For Your Body Type?

Have you ever been in love with a bathing suit style from a catalogue, only to find out that it doesn't really look good on your body? This is partly because we all have different body shapes, and certain styles and cuts of bathing suits may be flattering but others may emphasize physical flaws.

The following are some tips to determine which bathing suits are most appropriate for you:

Bathing suits for hourglass figures: Women with these body types have shoulders that are proportional to their hips and they have small waists. If you have an hourglass figure, you're very fortunate because most styles of bathing suits would look good on you.

Bathing suits for women with pear-shaped bodies: Women with this body type have narrow shoulders and wide hips, and sometimes fleshy thighs. The waist may also sometimes be wider than the shoulders. Unlike coats and dresses which you can wear with shoulder pads to make your shoulders broader, bathing suits bare your shoulders.

Small-breasted women: Thanks to bathing suits with padded bras, it's now easy to do something about breasts that aren't as full as we would like them to be. Ideal bathing suits for this shape are halter-type bikinis with an under-the-bust seam. You can also choose printed bathing suits to focus the eyes away from the bustline.

Just as there are styles that can enhance a woman's bustline, there are also swimsuits on the market that have a special girdle-like material at the waist area to somewhat minimize your paunch. You don't have to suck your stomach in anymore with this innovative swimwear.

The best solution is to wear a 1-piece bathing suit with a cut or a pattern that would give the illusion of a smaller waistline, such as a curve imitating an hourglass shape or half-diamond geometric shapes in the direction of your navel.

Apple-shaped bodies: Women with this body type have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Wear bathing suits such as a tankini (a bikini with a muscle top) with different hues - use a solid color for the upper part and a printed bottom. This contrast will add balance to your body shape.

Athletic body shapes: Women with this body type are slender and have almost the same width measurements for the hips, waist, and shoulders. Try putting on bathing suits that have some sort of accent at the waistline to give it a bit of definition.

Some swimmers, such as athletes, have very broad shoulders which they can play down by wearing a swimsuit with contrasting hues - darker on top and lighter on the lower half of the body.

Sometimes, the bathing suits we choose may actually be the right style, but they're just not the right fit. Try them on for size, and if you see flesh bulging out - say, the area below the underarms - then the size may be too small.

An important thing to remember when buying bathing suits is that you must feel comfortable in it. Thongs may be the in thing, but if you feel too uneasy wearing them, it becomes futile to even traipse around and show your body off.

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bathing suits for different bodies bathing suits for all body types bathing suits for pear shaped women
Bathing suits for body types